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“Special kudos go out to the sensational young Swedish guitarist Susanna Risberg, who—as heard here with her trio—worked imaginatively within a clean-toned jazz guitar approach. Most importantly, she captured our attention with her unpredictable, nuanced musicality.” 

Josef Woodard, Downbeat Magazine

“The continually arresting playing on Vilddjur makes the case for Risberg as an original voice. Technically impressive and emotionally persuasive, Risberg is above all an exciting guitarist who dares to plot her own course. With Viddjur, Risberg is truly worthy of inclusion
in any discussion about important contemporary jazz guitarists.”

Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

”Sweden's Susanna Risberg …… stakes a strong claim as a potentially significant new arrival in contemporary jazz …… Many of her pieces have pleasingly askew melodic lines and rhythmic frameworks that shift between the dynamic and static, introducing welcome subtleties into moments when the improvisations reach fever pitch. Risberg has some of the piercing, steely tonal richness of maverick players in the mould of Gábor Szabó, and she deconstructs themes with an eye-of-the-needle precision, finding myriad phrasal variations, often in volleys of quicksilver sixteenth notes, while keeping tight on the pulse of the music.” – Kevin Le Gendre, Jazzwisemagazine.com

“The bandleader brings an expressive life and tonal depth to the clean, dark-leaning sound of the mainstream jazz guitar tradition with nimble fingers and an agile creative force in her solos. Compositionally, Risberg taps into various subgenres but defies strict allegiance to any one style. Odd meters and beguiling melodic fragments abound, and song structures can take unexpected twists.
Her guitar sound might be traditional, in jazz terms, but her approach is awash in contemporary concepts, both cerebral and heartbased.” - Downbeat Magazine

”One of Sweden’s most interesting jazz guitarists.” – Johannes Cornell, Dagens Nyheter

”The only male music references meets resistance in the live accompaniment guitarist Susanna Risberg’s cool existence, without a single word she affects the entire play.” - Maina Arvas, Dagens Nyheter (Review of ”LEIF”)

”On Saturday two concerts stood out from the rest: the solo performance of young Swedish guitarist Susanna Risberg and the appearance of trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire with his quartet ... Susanna Risberg, a musician from the youngest generation, is a prime example of soberness and precision. The pureness and fluency of her playing were irresistible, far out of the ordinary. Maybe Julian Lage or Jakob Bro have a bit of the same in their playing. Risberg's playing is free of electronics and distortion. She has a crisp, crystal clear tone free of reverb with large space around. It's a confident voice of solitude. She played sophisticated pieces in a light, effortless way. It was something elsem quite an an experience. I guess we will hear and see more of her music making.” - Henning Bolte, All About Jazz (Ljubljana Jazz Festival 2017)

”Here there is fiery guitar playing that really gets you in the gut…. She grabs a hold of you who listen and guides you through the structure of the music.” - Johan Hauknes, salt peanuts*

”She is one of the most talented students I have ever worked with: a brilliant and fearless improviser, a wonderful composer in both pop as well as jazz idioms” - Professor Mick Goodrick

"I appreciate that she with no doubt will become one of Sweden's foremost guitarists" - Janne Schaffer 2007

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Photo credit: Mai Nestor

Photo credit: Mai Nestor

Photo credit: Mai Nestor

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